Emma Neuberg, photo by Cristina Schek (127)_ copy

Emma Neuberg Designs is a London design studio that offers superlative print knowhow and creative vision.


Emma Neuberg’s collections are fresh, modern and evocative.


Emma was the first to be awarded a doctorate in Printed Textiles, in the world, by the Royal College of Art (2000), the highest ranking university for Art & Design on Earth.

Today, Emma’s studio delivers superlative surface design services and specializes in luxury prints.

Emma was recently featured in celebrated design journalist Becky Sunshine’s article, The Joy of Textiles: Meet Britain’s New Fabric Designers in The Observer Magazine, UK. The article showcases the convergence of the natural world and new media in contemporary textiles and the multi-cultural mix of textile designers working in London today and how these influence the energy and colour of new wave British textiles.

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Photo credit: Cristina Schek